October report 2015

The 2015 Deschutes season is winding down and so is the fishing. Despite otherwise perfect conditions the Deschutes has been fishing relatively poor this October compared to prior years. Several factors have made it tough but most noticeably the river levels have been up and down for most of the month. Traditionally when irrigation is shut down the river is raised over a few days and then stabilizes, 2015 has been all over the place.

The weather has been great, water temps have been in the mid fifties and water clarity is generally pretty good minus a couple days I had to cancel from a storm. The good news is, traffic is light so odds of hitting a fish should be better as the season dwindles off.

I’ll be taking trips into November (weather permitting). It’s a lot like winter fishing, a couple chances a day… maybe, with a real opportunity at big steelhead.

As usual some fish porn.


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