Jet Boat Trips for Trout!



We use a Jetboat to navigate and guide the lower 25 miles of the Deschutes River for rainbow trout or “resides”. Section four, the lower 25 miles is by far the most secluded section of the Deschutes River. There is virtually no access between the two boat ramps. We offer guided single day trips and camp trips on this section of the river.

Rainbow trout in the lower river are relatively unmolested. Although section four is busy during steelhead season, it is underutilized for trout fishing in the spring. On an average day we will hook a dozen feisty resides and not see another boat all day. Having an open river allows us to cherry pick only the best spots, many days we will travel upstream more than twenty miles.

The lower Deschutes is wide and full of steelhead water, or “swing water”. For the same reason we use spey rods for steelhead we use them for trout. Swinging flies for trout is an effective way to cover vast amounts of the river otherwise impossible to fish with a fly.

We primarily fish dry flies when the salmon flies and golden stones hit the scene. Adult stones usually show up the last week in April, trout key on them slowly, spot by spot until eventually they are keying on them throughout the entire river. Dry-fly fishing remains excellent on the lower river until old water shows up in November.

European Style Nymphing, or “euro nymphing” has become very popular on the Lower Deschutes. There are many “euro nymphing” spots on the lower Deschutes. We are prepared to fish a number of styles and a n umber of spots to make your day is a success. We carry a small fly shop on board.

burgers in the shade!

A guided day of trout fishing includes rods and reels, flies, ice cold water, and we usually find a spot in the shade for lunch. Anglers need to be prepared for all weather conditions but it’s generally warm and sunny. The new solar hoodies are popular as well as a “buff” but don’t forget sunscreen, polarized glasses and a good hat.

Yes, we go up that!

This is a trip that does not disappoint! Did I mention the boat ride?


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