Deschutes Trout 2021

We got our first fish on dries April 29th, the same day we saw an Adult Golden Stones. On the 30th we saw Salmon Flies and Goldens up and down the river and we found a fish or two to start eating them. By the 11th of April we were smacking fish on dries up and down the river. There was a week, the same week it was 85-90F where we saw many, many fish eat a dry fly. The following week brought a cold front and massive amounts of humans, dry fly fishing got tough for a day or two. Although not as epic as the heat wave week, last week was good, really good. The big bugs are pretty much gone but they still eat them, Green Drake hatches have been reliable mid afternoon and if you can control where you are at the right time you get to catch a bunch of high quality trout in a thirty minute window.

It’s been cold and windy but it’s a fucking smorgasbord of bugs right now and fishing is fantastic. That’s my report. One last thing, you can’t catch ’em on a dry if you aren’t fishing ’em on a dry.

Tight lines! Sam

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